Why I have not posted in a while (and why you need to slow down too)

"The Action of New York City" by Trey Ratcliff
Here in the US, life seems to move at a million miles per hour (and for those outside the US, let's just say that's pretty darn fast).

As Americans, we highly value our time (after all, time is money) and as every second that goes by, we will never have the chance to use it again.

Life screams at us to move faster, live longer, and become better in every way possible. 

- Fast food was "invented" so that we could spend more time doing other things than eating and cooking.
- Energy drinks (including caffeinated beverages) allow us to relinquish more hours everyday. 
- To feel more productive, we carry our smartphone, tablet, and laptop with us (all with 20 applications and programs running simultaneously).

Forget about the damage it may do to our body (physically, emotionally, or spiritually). Heck, I can lose weight without hitting the gym (there's a reason my post "Lose 30 pounds in a week" was popular, even though it wasn't referring to body weight loss), go to a therapist, and do a 5-minute devotion (not an affiliate link as I hope you don't buy this book) to cover your spiritual "needs."
As a reflective person, I often question why I do what I do and when I came across this TED talk about the necessity of slowing down, I realized that I need to slow down re-evaluate what I'm doing and why.

It can be easy to get some entrenched and involved with what we are doing that we never realize our efforts could be better placed somewhere else.

Among other things, I've decided to finally go ahead and pay for my own, personal, self-hosted blog. Not only do I hope it will make things easier for you to navigate through my blog, I also hope that will be easier for me as well perhaps make a few dollar doing this (hey, not everything needs to be purely altruistic).

Check it out and leave a comment at http://jasonquey.com